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Whitby People, Past, Present And Fictional. All The Towns, Famous, Infamous, Good, Bad And Ugly. Guess Who Falls Into Which Category.

Faye Caley A Real Whitby Interview

Whitby's Faye Caley

Whitby is blessed with more than its fair share of unique characters. Over the following weeks it is our intention to interview these people For Real Whitby. Todays Interview is with a local lass Faye Caley, who when not working full time shifts at a hospital spends her free time ...

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Whitby Street Photography

Children swimming In Whitby Harbour

What Is Street Photography ?? Fotoura.com – Street photography captures people and places within the public domain. More specifically, street photography can be defined as un-posed, un-staged photography. It often captures, explores or questions contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings. Street photography does not need to ...

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Caedmon – The First English Poet At Whitby

caedmons cross at whitby

Caedmon is perhaps one of Whitby’s most famous ancestors, and although he lived a very long time ago he is still remembered here in Whitby today. Caedmon school at the side of the new bridge, and of course Caedmon’s Cross in the Churchyard of St Hilda’s Church near Whitby Abbey ...

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The Synod Of Whitby AD 664

synod of whitby

The History Of Whitby In 596 the missionary Pope Gregory sent a reluctant bishop, Augustine, to the court of Ethelbert of Kent to bring the ancient Roman colony of Britannia back to Rome. Augustine was startlingly successful, swiftly converting Ethelbert and founding a cathedral at Canterbury. Pagan Saxons retained their ...

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