Artistic Genius From The Unknown Artist

Hold Still My Dear.

Another one just in from our favorite satirical artist Le Cod Head. Comments welcomed. Please feel free to debate this and other

The Ghost Of Jaconelli – Old Loyalties

At last he's back, a long awaited satirical cartoon from our very own resident artist Le Codhead. Please like and share on

Poor Old Potash Boys – Codhead Is Back

After a long absence, codhead is back and right on topic. Hope you all enjoy the latest offering from The New Bridge

Tom Plans a Holiday

Another fantastic one from Le Codhead - A Sabbatical for Tom ?  

Extended Schools, Extended Profits ?

First Published On Real Whitby - April 2011 At a time when North Yorkshire County Councils is facing the prospects of cuts

Mistress Mileage By Cod Head

Another satirical cartoon from everyone's favorite artist codhead.

Whitby Landslip

Here is the most recent cartoon (The Whitby Landslip) from our artist Codhead. Enjoy.…… Whitby Landslip By Codhead

Penny For The Guy – Jimmy Saville Cartoon By Codhead

Another satirical cartoon from Codhead. Its been a while but hes back. Lets hope to see a few more in the coming