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Council Fears Gulls Are ISIS Trained.

A Whitby Gull, Eating A Small Child, Summer 2015

A worried council has recently expressed fears that the Whitby Gull Population is being ISIS trained in the middle east. In a Real Whitby Interview, Councillor Reggie Fullerlove of Love Lane, Whitby claims “The Seagull Crises is getting worse by the minute, they are stealing our jobs, marrying our wives ...

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Amber Gamblers Asked To Slow Down !!

Carolyn Witt In her Mobility Scooter. Christmas 2014

Letter To the Editor By Whitby’s Caroline Witt. Hi Real Whitby, I would just like to say I enjoy the real whitby website. I’m not quite sure what kind of articles you are wanting us to submit so I am just going to give this my first try. I have ...

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Yorkshires Fight Against Fracking

Danby Beacon - North York Moors National Park Sunset

Scarborough, 19 June 2015: Local Green Party spokesperson David Malone will be joined by Campaign Against Climate Change Trades Union Group treasurer Martin Empson and campaigners from Frack-free Ryedale and Frack-free York at a public meeting that will kick-start Scarborough’s fight against fracking in the area. If they went ahead, ...

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