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Brahms Stoker Film Festival Staff – Appalling Attitude


Over the years a few people have suggested I take a look in at The Brahms Stoker Film Festival here in Whitby.

Other than being proud of the towns connection to The Dracula story its never been something I felt I would want to visit. Im not really into horror films, so it always seemed pointless for me to go.

However this year I noticed on their literature that there was to be an art and photography exhibition at the event by a local arts groups – “Dark Arts”

As a photographer myself and a lover of local arts I decided this year to have a pop along to the Spa Pavilion to see what was going on there.

I must at this point state clearly that The Dark Arts Exhibition was excellent, and all the people involved with Dark Arts were nice, polite and a pleasure to meet and discuss their artwork with. One particular piece of Art called – “Steven Under The Table” was awesome and the artists explanation of the work simply blew me away. The girls work was excellent.

Sadly my visit to The Spa Pavilion was marred by the poor attitude of a member of staff working for The Brahms Stoker Film Festival.

As a local, I am familiar with the lay out of the Spa (I ought to be, Ive been going there for well over 40 years now). When I arrived at The Pavilion I could hear a band rehearsing in the main hall. I could see through the window that the stage was also being set up.

As Im friends with some local bands and a local stage management company I decided to poke my nose through the door to see if any friends were working at the event. Sadly the door into the main hall was locked so I turned to walk away and go see the art exhibition.

At this point a rather angry looking woman with a face of pure evil started shouting at me from the festival ticket desk. “You cant go in there” she snapped loudly. I apologised and said I just wanted to stick my nose through the door to see if any friends were working. “Well you cant” she snapped in an even harsher and abrupt tone.

I just thought to myself, “She’s clearly having a bad day, leave it at that”.

As I couldn’t see the arts exhibition I wanted to quickly communicate with the lady to ask if it was down stairs. A 2 second question she could have answered in the blink of an eye. the second I opened my mouth She snapped “Im busy”.

At this point Im starting to wonder if the Brahms Stoker Film Festival staff have to have had their training at some sort of Third Reich Nazi Training Camp before being allowed to work at the festival.

There was another person at the ticket desk at the time, but she intimated to me that I could ask a quick question and get on my way as she would be at the desk for quite some time. I eventually asked if there was an arts exhibition down stairs. She replied again in a rude, abrupt and very condescending tone, that “yes the Arts exhibition was down stairs.”

It took her 2 seconds to answer my question. I was never once rude to her throughout the engagement. Her attitude to a member of the public on their first (and last) visit to the festival was damn right appalling.

My thoughts on leaving the building were that if this is the attitude the Brahms Stoker Film Festival brings to Whitby, then it doesn’t deserve the support of anyone local and in all honesty deserves to fail.

I for one will certainly never return after being spoke to like that. I hope for the sake of the festival that the lady was having a bad day and took it out on me, because if she speaks that way to everyone they wont have any customers left next year.

Glenn Kilpatrick – Lifelong Whitby Resident.

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  1. Michellle October 23, 2015 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    I wouldnt Go again

    • Hex Jones October 27, 2015 at 10:27 am - Reply

      What an awful article! As a regular BRAM (please note the correct spelling) Stoker International Film Festival I have never had a bad experience with the BSIFF crew, staff or Spa Pavillion staff. They are all curteous, gracios and welcoming.
      As for poking your nose into the main auditorium as bands set up, do sound checks or are rehearsing that is the ultimate in bad manners! As for being a local resident it does not give you the right to “poke your nose round the corner”! Appalling manners.
      To say in your article that you hope the festival fails is a horrible thing to say. The BSIFF brings many people to the town and boosts Whitby’s finances the week before WGW.
      It would be good if you kept away from any festival with your appalling manners!

      • John October 28, 2015 at 4:03 pm - Reply

        If you’re going to pick up on someone’s spelling, you’d better be bulletproof.

        GRACIOUS (please note the correct spelling).

  2. Spooky Lord October 24, 2015 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    I see your issue, however to make a sweeping generalisation of a whole event over one persons comment is simply childish. As a “Whitby resident” I would expect that you would support any kind of venture in the town that can bring in revenue to aid the local community. This article is less about the festival and more about you taking issue with a member of staff. Yes, the member of staff was rude – however often it’s hard for festivals to find staff and many often volunteer for free. “deserve to fail” honestly is a very simplistic view to take, I would advise possibly to visit again as one can presume from the nature of the article that the service you received has left you with a polarised view point.

    • Glenn Kilpatrick October 26, 2015 at 11:21 am - Reply

      Hi Spooky lord, It would be nice if we could have a conversation with someone with a real name. I appreciate your point of view, and I admit I did write whilst very angry. That said I had little interest in attending in the first place as Horror isnt my thing. I do like to support as many local events as possible, hence I made the effort to go to this one. I often do photography work for a lot of local events free of charge. Youll see my shots amongst those for most local events. I can say with all honesty that I made an effort that 95% of Whitby people wont have made, I went for a look. Had My experience have been better I may have gone back, and I certainly would have reported positively about the event. With the experience of the one occasion I did make an effort to go, I would not wish to return. Given the ladies attitude Id be close to certain Im not the only person she has done it to.

      • Chris cook October 26, 2015 at 1:13 pm - Reply

        I have just returned from the Bram Stoker festival and the staff were brilliant. The two ladies behind the desk were very helpful and friendly the festival is just not about movies there was bands dance groups and a stage play. I have nothing but praise for the festival roll on next year

  3. Alexandria Web October 27, 2015 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Having worked with musicians for a number of years, I’m actually surprised that you weren’t removed by security.
    At a professionally run event you cannot just “poke your nose through the door”, you need the relevant passes to get into a sound check, at the very least you should have had the courtesy to ask the staff if it would be possible to get in.
    As it is you even admit to not knowing who was playing.
    You sound like a very rude man with entitlement issues who aught to learn some manners.

  4. Justin walker October 28, 2015 at 8:11 am - Reply

    Firstly you have no idea what a closed sound check is and can’t read signs on doors saying not admittance. The band you was going to disturb was fields of the nephilim who in their contracts to play stipulate a closed sound check meaning no one but crew allowed. By you trying the enter you would have broken the contract with the band and organisers and the the band could refuse to play causing problems for the event.
    Do you try and walk through door that sat staff only where ever you go? You were very lucky that the event is run by great staff and organisers as if it had been anywhere else security would have thrown you out the building. Don’t blame other for your mistake and assumption you had the right to go anywhere you like at an event. That’s why staff have passes, it’s for security as well as there is very valuable equipment around etc. So if a member of staff has to raise their voice to get your attention because you think you have the right to go somewhere your not and is clearly marked you are not then do not take offence then write an article like this blaming other people for your actions.
    I am a regular at this festival and also a musician who will be playing there next year for a second time and I wouldn’t want anyone just walking in on a sound check or wandering about. So show some respect to the artists in future. Your actions could have caused problems.
    If you had an issue why didn’t you have a work with the organiser? No because it’s easier these days to go on line and moan and be negative as in this day and age no one has the guts for face to face dialogue.
    My advice to you sir show artists I. E bands some respect if it says no entry it means that for a reason. If you want to see someone you know on the crew then ask permission.

    • Real Whitby Webmaster October 29, 2015 at 12:10 pm - Reply

      Hang on, Ive just had to go and recheck the band list. Here was me thinking it was someone like Pink Floyd performing not some band no bugger as ever heard of. Chill your pants dude. As I said above I had already turned to walk and wasnt bothered in the slightest if the door was open or not.Given your high and mighty status amongst the world of Musical performers Im really quite chuffed the door was shut, I like to meet nice people minus attitude and inflated persona.

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