Bingo! Eyes Down, try again, NYP!

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Bingo! Eyes Down, try again, NYP!

North Yorkshire Police launch a third investigation into the Savile and Jaconelli paedophile ring.

  • TIM HICKS reports on the latest developments in the JACONELLI  COVER-UP.


Background:  The allegations

Real Whitby has consistently alleged that Jimmy Savile operated in Scarborough and Whitby in a paedophile-ring with Peter Jaconelli, who was well known locally to be a paedophile, but was left alone by the Police because of his influence as a senior Conservative politician, Mayor, Councillor and influential local businessman.  Consequently, North Yorkshire Police failed to arrest Jaconelli (Britain’s most successful paedophile who operated untroubled by the police for all of his adult life), which would surely have led them to Savile, (Britain’s most prolific paedophile and rapist).

Real Whitby has also alleged that, when asked for intelligence on Savile by Surrey Police in 2007, North Yorkshire Police Force Intelligence Bureau replied that it had none, although according to national newspaper reports, Savile, Jaconelli and Corrigan had in fact featured in a 2003 paedophile investigation conducted by North Yorkshire Police.  Consequently, Surrey Police did not receive the intelligence from North Yorkshire needed to assist in its investigation – and the best opportunity of bringing Savile to justice was lost.

After thousands of hours of Police manpower expended on Operation Yewtree – and millions of pounds of public money – these allegations remain completely unanswered and unaddressed, despite three investigations by North Yorkshire Police.  Peter Jaconelli appears to have dropped into the Operation Yewtree Black Hole which hovers above North Yorkshire, somewhere over the Chief Constable’s office in Newby Wiske Hall.

The initial investigation

North Yorkshire Police had initially denied publicly that Savile had any connection to Scarborough at all and it was therefore excluded from the IPCC investigation. Quote: “When the allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile were publicised, we carried out extensive searches of force records which did not reveal a local connection”.

Real Whitby forces North Yorkshire Police to investigate Savile and Jaconelli again

Following comment to the IPCC from Real Whitby exposing the above blatant falsehood, North Yorkshire Police was directed by the IPCC to conduct an investigation into our allegations in connection with Operation Yewtree investigation into Jimmy Savile and his associates, which of course includes Peter Jaconelli.  The investigation was conducted by Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross of North Yorkshire Police and is available through the North Yorkshire Police Website here.

This report has been examined by Real Whitby and is obviously a blatant white-wash (the third in this saga of North Yorkshire Police corruption and cover-up), as shown in our comments on it: published on the 12th of January 2014.

The BBC Inside Out documentary, broadcasted at 7.30 p.m. on the 10th of February 2014 all over the North of England, featured some of the witnesses who have come forward to Real Whitby, who confirmed that Peter Jaconelli was a rabid paedophile and that North Yorkshire Police had both known of his offending and covered it up, as Real Whitby has consistently alleged.  The BBC documentary can be accessed here:

The BBC Inside Out Documentary also confirmed that Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross had not interviewed any of the witnesses to Jaconelli’s offending identified by Real Whitby – some of whom are specified here.  Again, as consistently alleged by Real Whitby.

All this despite the fact that Deputy Chief Constable Cross had ignored salient witness evidence to exonerate her force from any blame over its catastrophic and indefensible failure to detect Jimmy Savile (Britain’s most prolific paedophile and rapist) and his close associate Peter Jaconelli (Britain’s most successful paedophile and an Operation Yewtree Tier 2 suspect) who offended in Scarborogh and Whitby relatively openly, completely untroubled by North Yorkshire Police, for about fifty years.

Incredibly, North Yorkshire Police and the IPCC stood by Deputy Chief Constable Cross’s investigation in the comment made to the BBC.

Clearly, the standard of investigative work undertaken by Deputy Chief Constable Cross was at best unacceptable.  So Real Whitby raised its concerns with HM Inspector of Constabulary Drusilla Sharpling CBE, who oversaw HMIC’s investigation into Savile and his associates.

North Yorkshire Police are AGAIN forced by Real Whitby to investigate Savile and Jaconelli

As a result of the Real Whitby criticism, HMI Sharpling ordered North Yorkshire Police to conduct further investigations, effectively ordering it to re-open the Operation Yewtree investigation, thus vindicating our concerns over it and over the conduct of Deputy Chief Constable Cross.

This will be the third investigation that North Yorkshire Police has carried out into the same allegations, following the two earlier and blatantly bungled investigations revealed by Real Whitby.


A public statement appeared on the force website later that day to the effect that North Yorkshire Police was considering the content of the Inside Out documentary its effect on previous matters and the potential need for any future investigative work that would best serve the interests of those directly affected.  In so doing, North Yorkshire Police would encourage those individuals who took part in the programme, who were the subject of direct contact with the late Mr Jaconelli, to get in touch with Detective Superintendent Steve Smith.

(Full statement reproduced here: )

Please note the careful wording of the statement, which does not mention Savile, Operation Yewtree, or any of the other witnesses developed by Real Whitby (many of whom were not made available to the BBC).  It limits itself to the five witnesses that did come forward to the BBC to get in touch – and the potential for any further investigative work is thereby conveniently curtailed – despite the fact that it is quite clear from the BBC, Real Whitby, the Scarborough News and the Sunday Express that Operation Yewtree has not properly investigated Savile and paedophilism in Scarborough, Whitby and Rampton Hospital.

North Yorkshire Police are still limiting the witness evidence available to its investigation.


The Detective Superintendent Steve Smith investigation

Detective Superintendent Steve Smith is one of the top detectives in North Yorkshire Police, who commanded the organised crime unit – which deals with the most skilful and dangerous criminals.  Like Deputy Chief Constable Cross he is a formidable and experienced detective.  He is well known for his commendable and forthrightly expressed views on the importance of obtaining as much intelligence as possible from the public, to assist in his investigations.  He is quoted in the Press as having statedThe challenge for us is to continue with the momentum to ensure that we continue to get the intelligence from the public that often first identifies these criminals,” Full article here

Now Real Whitby is a fair and balanced publication and we want to reserve judgment on his investigation until it has been published in full.  However, Detective Superintendent Smith has not launched an appeal for all witnesses of Jaconelli’s offending, only the very few witnesses that were interviewed by the BBC.

So why has he apparently abandoned the principles of close co-operation with the public, maximising the intelligence from witnesses that he so forthrightly expounded, by excluding most of the potential witnesses from his appeal for information about the allegations over Peter Jaconelli?  Apparently, he favours the same approach taken by Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross.

Following on from the completely and publicly discredited investigation by Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross, this in itself is cause for very serious concern.  But then worse was to follow.  One of our witnesses posted this on the Real Whitby website:

I was one of those who took part in the inside out programme and responded by email to NYP request to contact them. After 10 days with no reply I phoned via the Force control room where I received a polite response, I asked for the named officer he answered his phone as follows.

I asked him if he was D.Supt —-,


I told him my name and that I had emailed him re. his request for those on the BBC inside out programme to contact him asap, as I had had no reply I wondered if he had received my email and if so whether he or a colleague had replied to it and it had gone to junk mail. “Just a minute” pause “Yes I got your email I should have acknowledged it, we’ve had a lot of calls, give me your contact details somebody will contact you”

End of call

He couldn’t of been less interested if he’d tried and to date nothing.

It would seems to me if you ask the people who took part in the programme
(3, I think) to contact you and lots of others also contact you, you would
prioritise those you had asked to contact you first, speak to them, then
work through the others?

How can Detective Superintendent Smith possibly expect witnesses to come forward and have confidence that their evidence will be assessed impartially in a case where there are allegations of a cover up by North Yorkshire Police, when they are treated like this?  North Yorkshire Police commented in response to a draft of this article:

 “The police have received a number of calls from people following the press release relating to the Inside Out report and the late Mr Jaconelli. We have been in contact with one of those people who contacted us after that release, and who had featured in the programme. The information given by that man will be investigated. Similarly, a number of other people have contacted the police with relevant information. We are grateful for the positive response to the appeal following the BBC programme. All of these people will be spoken to in order to establish the facts that they can give. This will take a period of time.”

Following on from the discredited investigation by Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross, it nevertheless has to be a concern that the offhand and unprofessional response above, typifies the attitude of North Yorkshire Police to allegations of misconduct by fellow Police Officers.   

We shall see.

Had it not been for investigation by Real Whitby journalists, all of this would have been swept under the carpet by the initial North Yorkshire Police denial that Jimmy Savile lived in Scarborough. The Peter Jaconelli saga illustrates the importance of having a free press in a democratic society, to hold officials to account, publicly.

Hence, perhaps, the threats Real Whitby has received from Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police.


But despite this, Real Whitby will continue to report on the Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli scandal.

Scarborough Borough Council was offered the opportunity to comment on this article, but did not do so.

Coming Next:  The Onslaught

In my next article, I will be revealing the full story of the campaign of harassment that has been unleashed upon Real Whitby, which was only partially covered by the BBC.


About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Richard Ineson February 28, 2014 at 10:31 am - Reply

    And we were promised action on the following matter:- “Mystery over taxpayer millions paid to police chief association
    Yorkshire Post. Published on Saturday 26 May 2012 06:00
    MILLIONS of pounds of public money has been provided to the chief police officers’ unofficial trade union – but no-one in the service seems to have a clear idea how or why the practice actually began.
    The members and staff of police authorities who are making the payments now were not in position when the process began and have been left scratching their heads when asked for an explanation of why the taxpayer has been funding the Chief Police Officers Staff Association (CPOSA) in the way it has for over a decade.
    Police authority chief executives in the region also acknowledge they have never seen CPOSA annual accounts and have little way of knowing exactly how the money has been spent.
    Fraser Sampson, chairman of the Association of Police Authority Chief Executives, said the issue was now under investigation. Mr Sampson, who is West Yorkshire Police Authority chief executive, inherited an arrangement already in place, like top officials in police authorities across the country, and admits he doesn’t know how or why it began.
    He does, however, recognise the “odd” situation whereby police authorities – and by extension the public – will be funding highly-paid chief police officers, including North Yorkshire chief Grahame Maxwell and Cleveland counterpart Sean Price, in misconduct cases.
    Mr Sampson said: “I don’t know the genesis of it. There is a difference between reimbursing a subscription for a staff association on the basis of the work it does for collective bargaining on behalf of its members and a very discrete element that could be used to pick up the legal fees for a dispute with the employer.
    “How do you explain that you’ve got employers paying for legal insurance for individuals who may be involved in disputes with their employers that may come about because of those individuals’ decisions? That is odd.”
    The payment of insurance for personal legal fees to CPOSA – at a rate of £2,197 per chief officer this year – appears to have become a convention without any clear basis even though all chief police officers and some senior civilian police staff receive the benefit through their membership of CPOSA.
    In addition, some chief police officers, including those in West Yorkshire, have the payment of their £275 membership fee to CPOSA written into their contracts while others do not.
    The only indication of a general sanction of the legal insurance payment came from the Metropolitan Police who said that in 1999 “the Home Office directed that the cost of this insurance could be met from official funds”.
    But when asked to comment, the Home Office would only say the payments were a matter for individual police authorities.
    To add to the questionable basis of the public paying CPOSA for personal legal costs, all police officers are already legally entitled to claim for such costs from their own police authorities.
    Officers whose individual actions might be called into question at an inquest or an employment tribunal can claim for, and would be likely to receive, funding for costs in those circumstances.
    The difference, as Mr Sampson acknowledged, is that assessing requests on a case-by-case basis allows for public accountability and is far removed from writing what might be seen as a blank cheque for chief officers.
    It would also preclude the public from funding very expensive misconduct cases on behalf of chief officers.
    But CPOSA’s vice president David Griffin, Humberside’s deputy chief constable, defended the payments and said: “It protects police authorities from potentially high legal costs where individual chief officers are subject of proceedings such as employment tribunals where they can be personally named as well as the organisation as these are met through CPOSA insurance cover.
    “Although there is a discretionary power for police authorities to pay legal costs incurred by individuals on a case-by-case basis, CPOSA cover insures against this risk. It enables chief officers to more effectively carry out their role and make critical decisions without incurring the risk of potentially large legal costs in defending their decisions if they are subject of enquiries such as inquests, public inquiries and court proceedings, where they are deemed to have personal as well as corporate liability.”
    Mr Griffin’s stance was backed by his employer, Humberside Police Authority and South Yorkshire Police Authority who said that without the personal legal cover chief officers “would become more risk averse.” In contrast, North Yorkshire and Cleveland joined West Yorkshire in raising concerns about the payments.”So how is it that we, the public, had to fund the enquiry/secret misconduct hearing, involving Maxwell? I think that we should be told.

  2. Nigel February 28, 2014 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    I am told – and I await confirmation – that SBC Leader Councillor Tom FOX has announced in Full Council today that SBC had done everything correctly following a complaint about Peter JACONELLI over a year ago, and that the new investigation was expected to be concluded very quickly. Councillor (who is not related to me)Mike WARD challenged that, saying hardly any of the witnesses had as yet been interviewed or even responded to by the North Yorkshire Police. Apparently Leader FOX lost his composure and gave Councillor Mike WARD something of a dressing down. When Mike attempted to respond, the Mayor – Councillor Andrew BACKHOUSE – intervened to rule that the Leader had provided his statement and the Council would now proceed to the next Agenda Item.

    I hope this is all correct. I have it from three independent sources. If any reader could confirm, correct or augment these remarks, I should be grateful if he/she would please do so.

    Meanwhile, clearly germane to the present matter; the BBC has reported on the trial of another serial sexual abuser:

    “The judge said there had been a “series of systemic failings” by the Met, which had failed to’cut short [Worboys’] five to six-year spree of violent attacks’.

    He said the Met had failed to “join the dots” between various attacks despite the fact a “common modus operandi” was used by Worboys.”

    Chief Constable Dave JONES will perhaps be reflecting on those word as I write.

    For a detailed description of the way in which SBC has handled the JACONELLI affair, see here:

    and here:

    • Tim Thorne February 28, 2014 at 7:34 pm - Reply

      That’s pretty much what went on. I thought it was a rather odd statement by Foxy. Given the number of witnesses that are supposed to have come forward as a result of the BBC TV programme, given that we are led to believe the NYP have been investigating the allegations for a year, I’m not quite sure how the Council leader is able to state that investigations will be concluded very quickly, unless of course he is given that information by North Yorkshire Police.

      It doesn’t seem credible that a proper investigation has taken place with regard to the witnesses. We can’t blame Foxy for that, I’m sure he is only passing along information regarding the investigation by NYP.

  3. Mark Holland February 28, 2014 at 8:19 pm - Reply

    My experience of the NYP has been one of an organisation so corrupt, incompetent and out of touch with reality that it defies description. They are openly Homophobic, Racist, Misogynistic and so utterly unfit for purpose that it defies description.

  4. Nigel February 28, 2014 at 10:12 pm - Reply

    Yorkshire Coast radio have now run the following:

    Leader Of Scarborough Borough Council Responds To Jaconelli Allegations

    7:15pm 28th February 2014

    The leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Tom Fox, has issued a statement about the allegations of historical sexual abuse by the late Peter Jaconelli, former Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough.

    Tom Fox read out the statement at a full council meeting this afternoon.

    He said: “Members will no doubt have read or heard of distressing allegations raised by members of the public in relation to the former mayor of this borough, the late Peter Jaconelli. It is most important that members of this council and the public are informed of the actions the council has taken, and continues to take, in relation to this matter.

    “I make no apology if I repeat information which is already in the public domain. It is critical that with a matter of this importance, all of us are clear as to the weight the council has placed on these allegations and the subsequent processes, which have been put in place to ensure that the criminal allegations are thoroughly investigated by the correct authorities.

    “Following allegations received some twelve months ago by this council into serious sexual offending against children and young people by the late Peter Jaconelli, this council immediately engaged with North Yorkshire Police to ensure a proper criminal investigation could be undertaken.

    “The reports received by the council were forwarded to the police and a police investigation commenced. Subsequently, further reports were submitted to the police as a consequence of publicity given to the allegations. These reports are being considered by the police as part of the ongoing investigation, which was triggered by the council’s initial referrals.

    “The police have conducted and continue to conduct their enquiry into these most serious and historical sexual offending allegations. As part of this process and the council’s engagement with the police, I have this weekreceived confirmation from the police that they expect their investigations to be concluded shortly.

    “There should be no doubt that, if the police conclude that these allegations are credible and founded, as Leader of this council, I will not hesitate to bring forward a motion seeking the removal of all civic honours from the offender.

    “In the meantime, I note that this council publicly praises the courage of all victims of sexual offences who come forward to report such heinous crimes. Following on from “Giving Victims a Voice” we recognise and have empathy with all victims, whatever the offender, whatever the situation, including empathy and support for those who have yet to come forward.”


    One cannot help but note that this is effectively the response to my perfectly reasonable question to the Leader has been evading since my first asking over a year ago on 18th February 2013.

    Unfortunately for the Leader, the veracity of his remarks has already been impeached on the pages of Real Whitby.

  5. les brooks March 1, 2014 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    Why doesn’t a different police force investigate the NYP ? I thought that’s what normally happens when a police force makes a complete mess of an investigation ? Why isn’t the independent police complaints commission been involved if NYP have been so lack-lustre in their investigation and found to be blatantly lying about what they have, have not done ? Sounds like a “White-Wash” !!

    • Tim Hicks March 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm - Reply

      Dear Les,

      Two very good questions.

      The Chief COnstable is blocking an investigation by another force and refusing to respond to correspondence from me.

      Mr Moir Stewart of the IPCC is not currently responding to correspondence from me on this issue.

      Speaks volumes doesn’t it.

      Best regards,


  6. Tim Hicks March 1, 2014 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    I am afraid that there is a fair amount of misinformation in the statement by Councillor Fox. It was pressure from Real Whitby and the intervention of the BBC that forced North Yorkshire Police to re-open its investigation into Jimmy Savile associate Peter Jaconelli. The report by Deputy Chief COnstable Sue Cross cleared Jaconelli because she ignored the evidence of the witnesses, as shown by the BBC.

    There was no ongoing investigation. They initially denied that Savile lived in Scarboough. Then they denied there was any intelligence on Jaconelli and closed the file. Even their own press release states that they have re-opened the investigation as a result of the BBC programme (which was based on evidence produced by Real Whitby) and the investigation was triggered by Real Whitby and the BBC, not Scarborough Borough Council.


  7. Frank Chalmers March 3, 2014 at 7:28 am - Reply

    Great work Tim!

    Keep up the great work. It is good to see some real reporting of serious topics.

    It is a shame that the local police chief isn’t elected. Then we could get rid of him at the first opportunity.

    • Tim Hicks March 3, 2014 at 7:34 pm - Reply

      Dear Frank,

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      With respect, I disagree and would never want to see elected Chief COnstables.

      I would prefer to have a system of police discipline that removed corrupt police officers.

      Best regards,


  8. sovereigntea March 6, 2014 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    FYI – Off topic but I feel related.

    Operation Sacristy: no-one to face criminal charges despite 41-month investigation

    A sacristy is a room for keeping vestments (such as the alb and chasuble) and other church furnishings, sacred vessels, and parish records.

    Here are some pics of a Vicar from the same area said to have an interest in young boys. Full Cleveland story coming soon.

  9. steven george March 31, 2014 at 10:38 am - Reply

    I have always believed the police want to cover up Savile, and any one else, like Jaconelli, there are so many others in other places too, most dead, or very elderly, who have offended their whole adult lives with impunity, Savile was not the only one.

  10. willow December 13, 2014 at 12:03 am - Reply

    Nyp coverup gp s and hosputal deaths
    bootham leedsyork partnership and york
    trust friends Prof liam Donaldsonunlawful
    sectioning drugging incollusion with police ms may and PM errors
    recless conduct.york trust the worst.many complaints 10years due to Dr Geddes.monitor failing its legal duty gmc and ftphc.abd ombudsman.cameron put his friends there to obstruct criminal liability midstaff.hmic involved dru sharpling roger baker shame on themeven policeofficers suffer medical neglect and loose loved ones.fraancis 13 million farce.

  11. willow December 13, 2014 at 12:08 am - Reply

    Chief superintendent tim jackson assc
    ignored prima facie evidence a crime.
    National inquiry required into safeguarding
    and ribust psychological assessments polygragh testing to protect the vunerable

  12. willow December 13, 2014 at 12:14 am - Reply

    Years ago york district pronounced a patient DEAD in the mortuary when they were alive.I suspect many.Why no inqwest cllr jefferys?
    Chuef constable maxwell ignored dangerous glucose levels .how many poisoned?obama pharmagedden?contact royal college psychiatrists pribe standards

  13. willow December 13, 2014 at 1:09 am - Reply

    Jeremy hunt breaches ministerial code of conduct and nhs code of conduct perverts
    justice and should be befire parliamentary standards commuttee includung andrew lansley norman lamb and ms may horrific crimes against humanity ms may ignored and nyp refuse to record.

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