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Announcing The North Yorks Enquirer

The North Yorks Enquirer North Yorkshire Moors - Danby Dale
The North Yorks Enquirer

Long-time Real Whitby contributors Tim HICKS, Tim THORNE and Nigel WARD are now publishing and archiving their public interest articles dealing with corruption issues on a new dedicated web-platform – the North Yorks Enquirer.

This is in no sense in competition to Real Whitby; rather, it will complement it.

It is a way of making the political material easier to access without impinging on the more general Real Whitby content, which will now be more prominent on the Real Whitby site, so that events, images and stories for Whitby folk and holidaymakers alike can take greater precedence.

The all-new North Yorks Enquirer platform is strictly non-profit-making, provides accurate and well-documented information scrutinising the activities of our local authorities throughout North Yorkshire, and welcomes Letters to the Editor at the email address

Real Whitby and the North Yorks Enquirer will together continue to bring the latest news and features to a world-wide readership.

About Real Whitby Webmaster

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.

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  1. It will be good for normal Whitby related issues to be disassociated from those which normally take preference by the “Investigative Journalists” and are normally chosen because of both their headline grabbing and over sensational presentation content which even though may well be relevant nevertheless is repeated to a point where readers are turned off.

    I hope that Real Whitby evolves from Surreal Whitby and that it supports that which is undertaken by local Whitby people

    • Dear Arthur,

      Thanks for your comment. All of the allegations on Real Whitby were meticulously supported by evidence. The BBC investigated our claims and found them all substantiated, nor over sensational.

      I hope this is all clear now.

      Best regards,


    • One also has to ask what affinity these amateur bloggers have to North Yorkshire.

      Were they all born there?

      Do all they live there?

      If not, why are they so interested in North Yorkshire?

      And as for the Beeb, their approval is no accolade.

      You might like to ask why an anti-austerity demo of 50,000 people that started outside BBC HQ was not reported by the BBC.

      Seems they pick and chose their stories on a whim.

      • “Were they all born there?”

        Spoken like a true fascist.

      • Glenn Kilpatrick

        Im not going to get involved in your debate about The Yorkshire Enquirer, but as owner of Real Whitby I can proudly say yes I was born in Yorkshire, Yes I was Born in Whitby baby hospital in 1969 on a very snowy February night. My my Family of the Gildroy’s and Kilpatrick’s have been attached to the town for many many centuries, so yes is the answer to at least some of your question’s

        Im not going to get further involved in your arguments because from now on this site will be following a different route. We still support the work of Nigel Ward et al and we may run features about The North Yorks Enquirer’s, but for the time being we will be focusing solely on Whitby and its people.

  2. It is interesting to note how the Real Whitbyites, who are the first to complain when treated in an off-hand manner by the officals they are criticising, treat their critics in the same way.

    They obviously do not want to be taken seriously.

    • A critic will attempt to shoot the message, but you opted to attempt to shoot the messengers instead. You gave up any pretence of being a critic when you asked ‘Were they all born there?’.

      What kind of reasonable, sensible person asks for ‘papers’ to judge if someone is fit to comment on something? Cat got your tongue, John?

  3. “Spoken like a true fascist”

    Is that not shooting the messenger?

    Reminds me of a certain council meeting on a certain TV programme where the critics of the powers-that-be were described as “anarchists”.

    “It is interesting to note how the Real Whitbyites, who are the first to complain when treated in an off-hand manner by the officals they are criticising, treat their critics in the same way.”

    Yep, I think I got it in one.

  4. “Is that not shooting the messenger?”

    My comment was very obviously in reply to your comment of “Were they all born there?”.

    Tell me, John, what kind of reasonable, sensible person asks for ‘papers’ to judge if someone is fit to comment on something?

    I guess you don’t want to explain your comment? I’m not in the least bit surprised.

    “Reminds me of a certain council meeting”

    I wasn’t there. If you have a complaint about the people who attended the meeting, why don’t you make your feelings known?


    • The intellectual response

      • I see all the Real Whitby bully boys are now joining in.

        Seems you don’t have to live there, be born there or have any affinity to the place to join that gang.

        • John,

          I do not agree that the right to comment on wrongdoing should be reserved solely to those who were born or live in an area. Just because I disagree with you does not make me a bully. Nor does it make me a member of a gang.

          Best regards,


          • I have just had a look at this ‘new’ anonymously owned website, and on the latest archive page back in 2010 there is an article by Nigel Ward. So I take it that it is not that new or that all articles relating to yourself and others were transferred over when it was established.

  6. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Colin, all the content belonging to Nigel, Tim Thorne and Tim Hicks was transferred to the new website. I guess if you really wanted to find out who owned the domain you could search the who is database. If the guys had any sense they would get some old aging relative in Ukraine to own the domain for them saving them from threats of legal action by the council. Ownership of the domain name shouldn’t mean a right lot really. I dont think you need to be Einstein to work out who the main contributors are. Real Whitby still supports Nigel and the 2 tims in their efforts to highlight corruption in our area. Im guessing if you really wanted to correspond with them you could try the email adress on their website or of course the corruption busters facebook page. Im guessing you wont get a reply from them though, they likely have much more important things to do than deal with the village idiot every 10 minutes.

    • Glenn

      Even though the comments above were addressed to a Colin I believe they were meant for myself. I think my own comments are fair reasonable and do not warrant myself being called an idiot, village based or otherwise. This is a term once used to describe Nigel Ward and his reaction was to point out that this could be viewed as slander or similar. But dont worry I wont be following it up.

      • Pompous Attitude: Check
        Long Time Reader of Real Whitby: Check
        Mentions Legal Action: Check
        Obsession with Nigel Ward: Check

        Alert: Your website has been in contact with the Winspear virus. It would be advisable to delete the comment in case the Winspear stupidity is contagious.

  7. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Follow up whatever you choose colon, you are actually a village idiot, whereas slander or similar is reserved for something which is an untruth.

    • Ok thanks for the response, obviously you not having a good day, will leave you alone now. PS thanks for helping me finding who new site is run by.

  8. I am really pleased you have set up a website separate from Real Whitby, and I hope this indicates that you will be taking more interest in other areas of North Yorkshire . . . might I suggest that you take a look at the workings of the town council in Northallerton? I have only lived there five years ( alas, not born there!) but am very disappointed at the lack of transparency – no website, very poor minutes, and very little engagement with the community. Not what I was expecting in a county town.

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